Setting a Standard for Five-Star Accommodation
at Bed and Breakfast Prices

Terrace Green B&B Gets the Country Experience Right

From the ground up, Terrace Green B&B has created a five-star experience in bed and breakfast accommodation.  I’m Annette Angus, and along with my husband Jim and our dog Kayla, we welcome you to our home.

Everything was A+ from the time we arrived; greeted with a warm welcome from Annette and Jim.  Our lovely decorated room made us feel relaxed and cozy.

– Evie and Len, Ottawa, Ontario

History of Our Hometerrace_green

The original house was built in 1905.  It aged with a history as a social hub of dances and weddings for people in the surrounding area.  Terrace Green B&B also provided accommodation with “rooms, bath, and breakfast.”

We purchased the house in 2004.  When the original house burned down in 2005, its welcoming spirit beckoned us to re-create it.  Jim and I feel so lucky that the bed and breakfast opportunity found us.  Every day, we live fulfilled as we welcome people into our home.

Because Jim and I have always lived in country homes, we grew up knowing the value of big homey kitchens and the pleasures of welcoming verandas.  So we rebuilt the house along the lines of the original.  The process allowed us to include improvements, such as wider doors, spa showers, added space, and a geothermal energy system.  The result is an eco-friendly interior free of allergens.

I had a fabulous stay at Terrace Green B&B!  I have asthma . . . there were no scented sprays or deodorizers used here.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be in an asthma-friendly home.  Truly a breath of fresh air.

– from brochure

Explore Our Rooms

I describe our décor as eclectic country.  Jim and I have loved collecting pieces from around the area.  (This part of Ontario offers a wealth of antiques.)  Our guests tell us how the mattresses provide such a wonderful night’s sleep under sheets with thread counts of 400–1000.  I knew I had made the correct furnishing choices when I found a guest with his feet up on the coffee table.  He felt that comfortable!

We are very fussy and have stayed all over the world in some of the finest hotels and accommodations, and we can truly say that Terrace Green B&B is a five-star B & B.

– Theresa and Butch, Ottawa, Canada

The Fen Shui Difference

The interior is designed along the principles of Fen Shui.  When people arrive, they sense balance, happiness, and inspiration, feelings that last during their stay.  With the proper choice of colours, décor, and furniture placement, Terrace Green B&B emanates comfort, relaxation, and beauty.

Wander Around Our Grounds

With over five acres, Terrace Green B&B provides a picture-perfect setting for weddings.  In the 1930s, famed portrait photographer Yousef Karsh photographed weddings right here at Terrace Green B&B.

I’ve used my passion for gardening to finesse the gardens.  Using plants and cuttings from friends and local sources, I nurture the plants myself.  And who cuts our expansive lawn?  Ask Jim!

The centerpiece of our gardens is our water feature.  A constant source of peace, the waterfalls are particularly dramatic when they’re lit at night.

The whole house is a pleasure to wander around and enjoy.  The flower gardens and landscaping are an inspiration.

– Mary and Fred G., Oxford Station, Ontario

Our gardens form perfect backdrops for wedding photos.  The mature trees with their bending boughs create an open-air cathedral-like setting for the ceremony.

Your Experience Starts Here

Book your stay with us.  I’ll be glad to help with all your plans for a leisure or business stay.  We also welcome queries from photographers looking for photo venues. Jim, Kayla, and I look forward to welcoming you into our home.